Pultruded Carbon Fibre Profiles - Offers high strength-to-weight at a relatively low cost


These carbon fibre profiles are made in a high-throughput pultrusion process, where fibres are pulled through a resin bath before they are shaped to the desired profile and cured by heat (see PR8). The pultruded profiles have a high fibre content and perfectly aligned fibres, giving them a very high strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Used for:
Pultruded carbon profiles are used in the sports and leisure industries for golf club shafts, ski poles, hockey sticks, fishing rods, and structural elements for drones. The profiles are also used for robot arms in high-speed-production machines, where the low weight reduces the mass inertia.

The profiles are available in a variety of standard shapes and thicknesses. Custom profiles can also be ordered. The matrix material is often epoxy, but you can also specify other types of matrix or fibre material.

Create lightweight poles for demonstrators’ flags that will not bend in the wind.

The sample:
You get the 7 profiles seen in the picture. They are 7 cm long. 

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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