Laser Engravable Rubber - Can be engraved with fine details


This rubber sheet can be efficiently laser-engraved with fine details. The rubber burns cleanly with a low odour and does not release toxic gasses. It can be engraved with standard CO2 laser engravers/cutters and small areas can be engraved in a couple of minutes. Notice the laser engraver creates a "ramp" to support the edges of the letters.

What is laser engravable rubber used for: 

The rubber is used to make dies for stamps for office use and arts & crafts. It can also be used for digital platemaking for flexographic printing.


The rubber has a high resistance to alcohol- and water-based inks, but it will swell if exposed to oil-based inks.


Create customised stamps to quickly mark components or boxes in warehouses. Engraved rubber can also be used in production machinery to apply pressure in a precise pattern.</idea>

The sample:

You get an engraved sample that measures 25 mm x 60 mm. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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