Tilt Indicator - Shows whether an object has been tilted


This simple indicator is applied to shipments, where it clearly shows if the shipment has not been transported and stored upright. The indicator is activated by removing the metal separator, after which the blue particles will flow into the white arrow-shaped area if the indicator is tilted. Both the transparent window and the white backing are adhesive and the particles will therefore stick permanently and irreversibly to the surfaces.

Used for:
The indicator is applied on “This Side Up” packages, where the contents can be damaged if the package is tilted or turned upside down. One application is for shipment of large television screens, which may break if transported with the glass facing down.

The blue particles will start to flow into the white area if the indicator is tilted more than ~80 degrees.

The sample:
Remove the metal separator pin and tilt the label. Remember that the label is single-use.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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