Mother-of-Pearl Laminate - Decorative art from nature


This laminate is made from thinly sliced layers of the inner nacre of the shells of abalone sea snails. The thin layers are laminated to a backing and coated with a clear protective polyurethane resin.

Used for:
It is used for decorative and architectural purposes. Applications include decorations on musical instruments, watches, knives, guns, and jewellery. It is also used for eye-catching surfaces in hotels, shops, yachts, and aircraft.

The laminate is available in four natural colours that can be artificially tinted to a variety of colours. The shells used are wild paua shells from New Zealand and farmed shells from Australia. The harvesting of the wild sea snails is managed under strict fishing quotas. Standard sheets measure 23 cm x 13 cm with a thickness of just 0.3 mm. They can be cut with scissors or laser cut for intricate designs.

The sample:
You get the sample seen on the picture. The Mother-of-Pearl squares measure 4 cm x 4 cm. The green and white samples are natural colours. The red and blue samples are artificially tinted.

All samples come with a laminated information card.


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