Pre-Coated Adhesive Sample - Turns any fastener into a self-locking fastener


This coating consists of tiny microcapsules containing a liquid adhesive. The capsules rupture under compression or shear stress, releasing the adhesive.

Used for:
It is applied onto the thread of ordinary fasteners or other threaded parts. It functions as an assembly-actuated medium-strength thread-locking compound that prevents vibration-loosening of the fastener. It also fills the voids in the threads, sealing the assembly. The fasteners are used in the automotive, aerospace, and furniture industries. 

The coating is applied in liquid form, which dries to create a non-tacky and corrosion-inhibiting film. Coated fasteners are easy to handle and install compared with other thread-locking systems that often use liquid adhesive.

The sample:
You get a coated bolt and a coated bolt with a nut mounted - as seen on the picture.  


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