Glass Flakes - Very thin glass flakes with consistent thickness


These thin glass flakes have a very high aspect ratio of flake width to thickness. They have a low deviation in thickness and particle size distribution.

Used for:
Glass flakes are used as an additive in anti-corrosion coatings in which they overlap each other within the coating matrix and form an effective diffusion barrier. The addition of glass flakes in coatings also improves abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. Glass flake filled coatings are used to protect industrial processing equipment, offshore structures, and steel buildings and bridges. The flakes are also used as a filler in plastics to increase stiffness and reduce shrinkage and warpage. Silver-coated flakes are used in pearlescent-effect pigments and in the cosmetics industries.

The flakes are available in different types of glass in thicknesses from 100 nanometers to 7 microns. There are different particle sizes to suit different application requirements.

The sample:
You can get:
  • A few grams, which can be used to get a feel for the material
  • 30 grams for experiments
All samples come with a laminated information card.


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