Expanded Glass Beads - Lightweight beads with good thermal insulation properties


These spherical beads are made from post-consumer recycled glass. The beads are dimensionally stable and highly resistant to moisture, fire, and chemicals. They have a fine closed cellular pore structure, resulting in excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.

Used for:
Expanded glass beads are used as lightweight filler in dry mortar, tile adhesive, lightweight concrete, acoustic and lightweight boards, and mineral casting. Loose beads are used as a free-flowing thermal insulation material. The beads are added to paints to obtain a sanded texture.

The expanded glass beads are available in sizes from 0.04 mm up to 4 mm. The loose bulk density ranges from 190 kg/m³ to 530 kg/m³ depending on the grade. The two samples have diameters of 2-4 mm and 0.25-0.5 mm.

Mix the beads into biodegradable plastic and mould floats for nets used for commercial fishing.

The sample:
You get two small vials with two different bead sizes as seen on the product photo. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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