Shapeable Beam - Lightweight beam that can be bent by hand


This flexible lightweight aluminium profile offers a very low weight relative to stiffness. It can be easily bent by hand and the resulting shape can, if necessary, be fixed by fastening an extra layer of sheet material onto its surface. 

Used for:

The beam is used by designers and architects to make strong curved structures with a high level of freedom in design. It is often used as a support for flexible sheets or textiles. Applications include walls, desks, and platforms for shops and offices. It is also used in the construction of scenography for television and theatre productions.


The corrugated aluminium will crack if the beam is bent repeatedly. The beam is available with skins of epoxy-laminate, cardboard, aluminium, or birch plywood. It is possible to join beam sections or attach other materials to the beam with glue, screws, rivets, or staples. The maximum length of beam sections is 2950 mm.

The sample will break if you bend it repeatedly. 

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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