Laminated Shim - Solid plate constructed from thin sheets


Laminated shims are constructed from a large number of thin sheets. The individual layers of the shim can be peeled off to adjust the thickness of the shim.

Used for:
When parts are combined in a mechanical assembly, their individual tolerances will stack up, which can lead to unwanted gaps between sub-assemblies. Laminated shims are used to compensate for these tolerances by precisely filling the gap between components. The gap is measured and individual layers of the shim can be removed until it fits the gap precisely.

Shim layers are between 0.025 mm and 0.1 mm, available in a range of materials including aluminium, steel, and polymer composites. The shims are in most cases machined by the supplier to fit the customer’s application.</details>

The sample:
You get a bag with different examples of laminated shims - as shown on the photo. You can use a knife to peel individual layers off the samples.

All samples come with a laminated information card 


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