Z-Axis Conductive Tape - Electricity is conducted through the tape but not lengthwise


This double adhesive tape is filled with conductive particles, making it conductive through its thickness (the Z-axis). The particles are spaced so far apart that the tape is electrically insulating in the plane of the tape (X- & Y-axis). Materials with physical properties that have different values when measured in different directions are called "anisotropic;" the tape is therefore known as "anisotropic conductive tape".

Used for:
It is used for electronic assembly instead of conventional mechanical connectors or soldering joints. Apple uses it in iPods to connect flexible electronics sub-assemblies with circuit boards. Other applications include assembly of displays and bonding and grounding of electromagnetic shielding materials.

The tape can be die-cut to the desired shape. There are different variants optimised for glass, metals, plastics, and other substrates. The tape can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

The sample:
You can choose between:  
  • A small piece of tape applied on an acrylic plate
  • A small piece of tape applied on an acrylic plate + 1 meter of loose tape
All samples come with a laminated information card.


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