Volume-Conductive Film - Conductive polyethylene film


This polyethylene film is impregnated with carbon black, which makes it conductive.

Used for:

The main market for this film is for electrically conductive bags that protect sensitive electronic components from static electricity. A bag made from the film quickly dissipates any electric charge and a potential harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) is thereby avoided. It is also used for packaging of explosive powders, where even a tiny spark can have severe consequences. The resistance of the film decreases when pressured, and the film has therefore been used as a middle layer in pressure and bend sensors. It is also used to make helmets to protect against alien abduction - no kidding.


Use it as a middle layer in a flexible electronic game controller for dance games.

The sample:

You get a small piece measuring approximately 8 cm x 8 cm as seen on the product picture.

All samples come with a laminated information card, which includes contact details for the supplier.


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