Paper USB Drive - Inexpensive disposable USB drive


A fully functional USB drive circuitry is embedded between two layers of cardboard; contact strips are printed with conductive metallic ink. The cardboard has to be folded to provide sufficient thickness to fit in a USB port. Files can be added and removed like with any other storage device, and the drive can be reused for as long as the paper and contacts remain intact.

Used for:
One application is for a business card where the receiver plugs the drive into a USB port and opens a file, which redirects to a webpage specified by the owner of the business card. Each business card has a unique ID and it is possible to change the destination of individual cards after they have been handed out. The paper USB drive can also be used as a marketing tool to distribute digital brochures, data sheets, and promotional videos.

The possible storage capacity will be expanded to 32 MB in 2015.

Create concert tickets that include digital recordings.

Try it:
The sample is functional but it is 'read-only'. Fold it, insert it in a USB port, and open the HTML file.

All samples come with a laminated information card.


Ask a Question
  • Are they made from recycled paper?

    The manufacturer does not provide any information about the origin of the paper used.